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Package includes:
- 1 x Fingerprint Padlock
- 1 x USB-C charging cable
- 1 x User's Manual
- 2 x Mechanical Key

Niolock Gen 2 Features:
- Fingerprint identification and unlocks the padlock in 1 second
- 15 Fingerprint memory
- Unlocks via a mechanical key and app
- Sensor reads fingerprint in any direction
- Waterproof IP65
- Stainless Steel
- 9 months battery life with a single charge!

Niolock Specifications:
Weight: 285g
Dimensions: 20mm (W) x 58mm (L) x 95mm (H)
Thickness of Shackle: 7mm
Length between shackle: 35mm
Power input: 5V/500mA
Battery: 160mAh 3.7V

How to use:
1. Download eSmartlock through Google Play or App Store
2. Create an account and follows the instructions given in the App. Bind your email in case you forget your password in future.
3. Turn on your Bluetooth & connect with your padlock (Wake your lock by tapping on the sensor)
4. Enter User Management and start registering your fingerprint!
5. Manage all the users and fingerprint by names!

1. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE APP FIRST. If you register your fingerprint manually through the padlock, you will not be able to use the App. You will need to do a factory reset in order to use the app in which all fingerprints will be erased.
2. The first two fingerprints will be the administrators. Administrators will have permission to register new fingerprints, delete old fingerprints and factory reset.

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