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ChocoAlbab Special Combos

ChocoAlbab Special Combos

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Save & Get the BEST OF ALL WORLD with our Classic Pink Tubs, Belgian Dark Chocolate Tubs & all time kids favourite Unicorn Strawberry Chocolate Tubs.

Fun Fact! First chocolate tubs with ALMOND bites.

To Note: All Pink Tubs & Belgian Dark Chocolate Tubscontains Almond bites. Only Unicorn Strawberry Chocolate Tubs & Cuties tubs does not have any toppings. 

Choose your cereal types for Pink Tubs.

  1. Mini Choco Crunch
  2. Mini Choco Dorayaki
  3. Choco Ball
  4. Choco Rice

 Choose your cereal types for Cuties. 

  1. Mini Choco Crunch
  2. Choco Ball
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