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Sugardoll - Basic Set (Vitamin + Hair Tonic)

Sugardoll - Basic Set (Vitamin + Hair Tonic)

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Sugardoll Basic Set (Vitamins & Tonic) 
One month supply of Sugardoll Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins 60 tablets & Intensive Scalp Tonic 30ml

Sugardoll Vitamins give you the all-in-one solution for great hair, nails and skin health. It focuses on providing a boost of minerals and multivitamins our body needs as the main internal support. Following the normal hair growth cycle, witness the results within the first few weeks, or up to 3 months.

How to Consume Sugardoll Vitamins? Choco Berry Flavour
Take 2 tablets daily on empty stomach. Best before breakfast.
You can chew or place them under the tounge till dissolve for better absorption into the bloodstream. Not to consume with other supplements at one time(if any).

How to use Sugardoll Hair Tonic?
Hair Tonic is meant for scalp application only. It contains Ginseng extract, Anagain and D-panthenol. These active ingredients strengthen the roots and enlarge the capillary blood vessel on the scalp to stimulate the process of new hair growth. The water based liquid keeps the scalp feeling fresh with it’s cooling minty feel upon application.

Application is only a few times a week, depending on your concern. Divide your hair into sections and spray onto scalp between 4-5 sprays. Massage it in, focusing more on the balding areas/areas with least hair. Best to use after shower when the pores are still opened for better absorption of the tonic.

Who can consume & use Sugardoll Basic Set?
✔️ Basic set is the MUST HAVE set to start with especially for those who are facing hair fall/hair loss/slow hair growth or balding
✔️ Men and Women
✔️ Suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant mummies (from second trimester onwards).
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