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Gattox (10sachets/tub)

Gattox (10sachets/tub)

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Gattox 10sachets/tub (Fat Burner)

What is Gattox?

Improve your digestion and lose weight with Gattox. Experience the benefits of apple cider, honey, maqui berry, and L-Glutamine, including increased metabolism, regulated menstrual cycle, and reduced cholesterol. Say goodbye to stubborn fats and skin issues with this scientifically formulated solution.

How to consume?

To consume, simply take 1 sachet per day either in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before sleep. Tear/cut the sachet & consume directly (liquid form).

Who can consume?

Nursing Mothers

Male & Female (18 years old and above)

Important Note ⚠️

 Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and help with the process better.


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